Shampooing of all seats and conditioning of all upholstery (natural leather / cloth / vinyl). We use 3m products exclusively to ensure that the interior of your vehicle is maintained or restored to its original elegance and appeal.

Exterior detail
Safe and effective removal of light / medium scratches, oxidation, stubborn stains and with a cut & polish to your vehicle for a ‘wet look’ finish.

Total treatment
Full lubrication package inclusive of the 3m car detailing treatments for both interior and exterior.

All vehicles are equally exposed to the hazards of the environment and will benefit from the attention and care of trained professionals and top quality material and equipment.

We use only the best international brands of buffers, polishes, shampoo, extractors and environmentally friendly car care products in all our detailing packages.

Poor quality products and material, especially in untrained hands will damage the appearance, condition and value of your vehicle rather than maintain or enhance it. other paint imperfections