Car lubrication services at Auto Miraj include replacing the oils and fluids within the lubrication system of your car. Inspections and tests are also made to ensure that the automatic lubrication system is functioning correctly. Servicing and managing the lubricant system will keep the engine healthier for longer and decrease the chance of future repairs. The service will be performed by a highly skilled mechanic, helping with keeping the car and engine more efficient and safer. Lube job involves checking your vehicle to ensure all your moving parts are lubricated. Lube service includes, but is not limited to, oil changes.

Why Should You Have Lube Services Performed at Auto Miraj

Auto Miraj’s fully qualified mechanics know the best methods to ensure that the lubrication system is correctly serviced. Each inspection, replacement and repair is correctly completed and the lubrication system is professionally handled with. Auto Miraj also offers reliable Car Repair services, which includes all types of repairs from the lubrication system to major repairs as well.

Lube services at Auto Miraj also consists of tire pressure & condition check (incl spare), check of under bonnet fluids (cooling system, brakes, clutch where applicable), hoses, lights and a general good look under the vehicle (cv joints, brake hoses, exhaust and suspension etc).