Nano Treatments

Nano technology has enabled the improved durability of existing surfaces. It does this in a simple and efficient way. When the liquid is applied to the surface it fills all of the sub-microscopic ‘holes’ located on the original surface with the repelling agent. The result is one continuous bonded waterproof surface that now, has the ability to maintain a durable and lustrous surface by repelling water, UV rays and other harmful chemicals that can, over time deteriorate surfaces.

Why Should You Have Nano Treatments Performed at Auto Miraj

Auto Miraj offers a range of premium quality service thoroughly tested to satisfy the needs of car detailing enthusiasts, as well as the exacting requirements of professionals. At Auto Miraj, we spare no effort or expense to provide you with the most innovative solutions, always producing exceptional results and ensuring your satisfaction. Auto Miraj brings you the ultimate, quartz-based solutions for your vehicle. Every single service in our range complies with our mission to deliver the very best in terms of quality, and durability. The services are done by the experts and also by professional in detailing industry to guarantee you proven results and indisputable quality.