Grand One


Grand One

We believe its high time we revamp the ordinary lube service that we ourselves devolved 30 years ago and we now offer 6 exclusive service packages covering all requirements from the entry level car up to Hybrid and even bespoke European brands while focusing on manufacturer standards throughout.
Grand One

It’s time we bring the big guns out from the Auto Miraj Stable. While we ensure the pinnacle of our services in line with the manufacturer standards covering an extensive 164 point inspection checklist as well as combining the interior freshen up package along with the exquisite handmade black magic wax range to bring the best out of your vehicle look providing the full Auto Miraj treatment .

Econo Plus

Specifically targeted at all entry level vehicle range with affordable yet ensuring the best value.

Auto Service Plus

Specifically targeted at Japanese Non-Hybrid vehicle range with electronics &mechanical components inseptions.

Euro Total Plus

Bringing European quality to the automotive service segment according to Euro manufacturer specs .

Total Care Plus
Mechanical and cosmetic exterior and interior services to give your car a fresh look according to manufacturer standards.
Eco Soul
The best up to date hybrid maintenance and preventive maintenance standards with latest technologies.